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 Rules for Admins! (READ)

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PostSubject: Rules for Admins! (READ)   Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:42 am

You should definately carefully read through all these rules, as there will be some clues in here for what you need to do to keep your admin. Some clues, if you do not find or act on within 10 days, can get your admin removed and no money refunded. They are really not at all hard to find. (Leaders do not worry about the clues)

1. Do not abuse admin, Conor reads the server logs on random days and will know if you are abusing admin.
2. Conor owns the server, therefore he is the law there. LISTEN TO HIM AT ALL TIMES!
3. "Admin Wars" are not allowed, unless on special occassions. Wink
4. You may not perm ban anyone (unless they are blatant hackers).
5. comu65@gmail.com
6. Only the leaders will be able to use rcon commands, therefore you cannot scrim without our knowledge on our servers.
7. Do not allow people to advertise on our server. If they do, MUTE first, warn them not to advertise. If they do it again ban them for a day.
8. Unless you have already done so send your Steam ID to rule #5.
9. Do not change the map because you want to, you must use a map vote.
10. Do not restrict weapons or items because they annoy you.
11. Make people do their objectives, warn them 3 times, kick, if they don't listen to you after the kick, ban for 1 day.
12. Any complaints, kicks, or bans must be emailed to rule #5.
13. If there is a leader on, you may not kick, ban, or change maps (you may initiate votes still)
14. Listen to the leaders. Send you middle name to rule #5.
15. Do NOT!! change ANY server settings, unless you are giving money to people. Conor will find out and a strike will count against you.
16. If you abuse your admin in anyway, it will be taken away without refund, and you will be banned from all servers.

If you do not follow these rules and you lose your admin. Do not go crying to mommy and daddy. These are the rules you must follow. If you still want to go cry to mommy and daddy, have them email me at comu65@gmail.com I am sure we can have a nice mature email back and forth. I shall tell them these are the rules you were supposed to follow, and you did not.

-Limited admins! If you have 2 complaints against you with hard evidence, you will lose your admin.
-Full admins! If you have 5 complaints against you with hard evidence, you will lose your admin.
-Leaders, do not think that these rules do not apply to you. They do apply, if they are not followed your admin will be suspended until I deem necessary.
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Rules for Admins! (READ)
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