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 Application Layout

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XreT| Jake
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Clan Owners

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PostSubject: Application Layout   Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:01 pm

1. Name

2. Age

3. Do you have a microphone?

4. How long have you played counter-strike: source for?

5. Have and When you been in a offical league? (Not Open)

6. (Not an Option) You can not be Vac Banned.

7. Will you be active?

8. Will you be able to donate?

9. Are you going to follow the rules?

10. You better be nice !! Razz

11. Steam Name so we can add u

This will not be in you application.
*If you are going to double you will not be aloud to scrim with the second clan, if you going to join XreT| You will scrim with XreT|, if not you will be Kicked/banned for 30mins from the servers and kicked from the clan.(No Questions Asked.)
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Application Layout
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